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Shirt of the Aiyun'ai Locations

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Map Coordinates
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Shirt of the Aiyun'ai
Event Starts at In Icecrown 28, 52
/Target Mal'tak

Ramblings of an Old Dragon

[Crystal of Uhon] Desolace 54, 62
[Crystal of Anahus] Thousand Needles 25, 54
[Crystal of Hosael] Nagrand 18, 39
[Crystal of Uzeniel] Sholazar Basin 19, 60

Rediscovering an Ancient Language
[Dragoska] Crystalsong Forest 82, 64

Uncovering the Crystals of the Aiyun'ai

[Crystal of Nasarrah] Wetlands 22, 61
[Crystal of Alhoaz] Netherstorm 45,11
[Crystal of Otidon] Crystalsong Forest 47, 56
[Crystal of Namat] Stonetalon Mountains 40, 45

Source of a Dragon's Sorrow
[Dragokeel] Eastern Plaguelands 54, 60

Binding of the Crystals

[Crystal of Tespon] DragonBlight The Frozen Sea 50, 69
[Crystal of Pichun] Blades Edge Mountains 67, 14
[Crystal of Epran] Stranglethorn Vale 28, 61
[Crystal of Impis] Bloodmyst Isle 21, 45

Blessing of the Aiyun'ai

[Crystal of Lorpon] Howling Fjord 69, 08
[Crystal of Molas] Eastern Plaguelands 74, 59
[Crystal of Sotael] Shadowmoon Vally 42, 71
[Crystal of Ermouh] Azshara 82, 31
"Don't use such strong words. It makes you look weak." - Aizen.
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made it sticky, coz its sticky :sick:
All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.
Posted Apr 10, 12
113 posts
All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.
Posted Apr 10, 12